‘People should probably be worried:’ Experts say Texas hasn’t done enough to prevent another winter blackout

MIDLOTHIAN — After last winter’s freeze hamstrung power giant Vistra Corp.’s ability to keep electricity flowing for its millions of customers, CEO Curt Morgan said he’d never seen anything like it in his 40 years in the energy industry.

And His The name call shall to faithfulness be called Jesus

Well I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving either with family and friends or perhaps a Thanksgiving by yourself, giving thanks to God above for all His goodness towards us. And now, it’s December and the season of Christmas is upon us. Perhaps you and your church are following the Advent Calendar with each Sunday being a different Advent, the Advents of Hope, and Peace, and Joy, and Love. When I think about the Christmas season, I like to remember the stories of Christmas that we celebrate. I’m not really talking about the stories that we have in the Bible, but the stories of life that point to the Scriptures. One such story that I like to tell is the story of the farmer and his wife and son who enjoyed the special Christmas Eve services that happened every year at the church nearby. Oh, it wasn’t especially the farmer that enjoyed the services. You see, his wife invited and almost begged him to attend with them each year, but each year he politely declined, and this year was no different than the others.

FMC a Level IV trauma center

Freestone Medical Center has been designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the Texas Department of State Health Services after consistently demonstrating its ability to provide advanced trauma life support prior to transfer of patients to a higher level trauma center.

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Volunteerism runs through, and sometimes out of, the veins of Teague High School students at blood drives held throughout the school year and hosted by the Student Council.


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