Agreement can cause disaster

A good leader of any organization always says to bring me the bad news first so we can see if adjustments or responses can be made. However, in an autocracy nobody delivers bad news because the messenger gets blamed. There was a joke about the way Putin was told about the sinking of his warship, the greatest military naval disaster since WWII, he was told it had been converted into a submarine.

Know when to fold ’em

The turning point of WWII in Europe occurred at the gates of Stalingrad in Russia. The German armies led by Field Marshall Frederick Von Paulus begged Hitler for permission to retreat, set up a defensive perimeter and hold onto the vast territories it had conquered. Hitler refused and doubled down on his strategy of moving forward. In the terrible winter the armies were forced to surrender, and 91,000 men marched off into Russian captivity with only 6,000 ever coming home.


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