Poll: Most Texas teachers consider quitting their jobs

More than three-fourths of Texas teachers say they have seriously considered quitting the profession largely because of a perceived lack of respect and support, according to a new survey by the Charles Butt Foundation. Excessive workload and inadequate pay were other major reasons that teachers are considering leaving, The Dallas Morning News and other media outlets reported.

TxDOT announces $85 billion roadway construction plan

The Texas Department of Transportation has adopted a 10-year statewide roadway construction plan with a record $85 billion price tag, officials announced last week. The Unified Transportation Plan authorizes the distribution of construction money that is expected to be available during the next decade. Within that framework, TxDOT works with elected officials and local planning organizations, as well as the public, to pick and fund the state’s highest priority transportation projects.

Words for education improvement

I just read a piece in the Dallas Morning News about the death of Jim Trelease, who nobody has ever heard of, yet discovered the most effective method of improving the status of education yet known. We spend Quinta trillions on education yet seem to not be able to move the needle on improvement.


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