Gas prices at highest level since 2014

As Texans hit the roads this summer with pandemic restrictions eased and vaccinations widespread, the national average price of gas is expected to top $3 per gallon, though the average in Texas for regular is $2.799, according to AAA. Drivers should expect prices to keep rising as demand rises, according to the Consumer Energy Alliance.

Prospects of a long, hot summer bring pet peeves to the surface

Surely someone besides me encounters deceptive packages of frozen microwaveable meat. “Tear here,” they cajole. So, you tear on the dotted line, only to discover that it’s an inch BELOW the grooves required to reseal the package. Are the designers at the meatpacking plant crosseyed, or just bad with math? Instead of calculating how many insect parts per MILLION are allowable, they’re probably singing a Mary Poppins-ish, “A spoonful of thoraxes makes the sausage patties go down…”


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