Dustbin of history

I asked a fellow recently why he retired, and he said it was due to illness and fatigue, the company was sick and tired of his being there. Also noted a comic strip where a guy was watching a cat play with a string and noted the cat was so dumb that it would do this for hours, as the guy picked his iPhone up and went back to scrolling on Facebook.

Hispanic Texans likely largest demographic group

The U.S. Census Bureau released its latest estimate, which indicates Hispanic residents in Texas make up more of the state’s population than white residents. The new population figures from the American Community Survey indicate Hispanic Texans comprise 40.2% of the state’s population last year, while non-Hispanic white Texans made up 39.4%, as reported in the Texas Tribune.

Simplicicty highest form of elegance

What’s the financial difference between rich people and the rest of us? They live on assets and the rest of us live on cash flow. The rich don’t even have regular bankers. They go to a separate department called wealth managers where they offer tea and crumpets while explaining what tremendous rate of return they are making on your investments. These managers are buying, selling, leveraging, flipping options and doing exotic transactions that a rocket scientist couldn’t understand.


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