Senior Center News

My volunteers are invaluable and I am so proud to have that kind of support. That’s what makes our Center as successful as it was Monday morning. Over the weekend I woke up with strained muscles in my lower back; although I was fortunate to have excellent volunteers who were there to help out. Margaret, Mike, Michelle, and Debbie came to my rescue. Debbie has volunteered to deliver meals for us more often when necessary. Couldn’t have timed that one any better! Tuesday morning we were treated not only to donuts that morning but to top that, a delicious strawberry cake for lunch. Two more reasons we were all thrilled to see Pat! We certainly have a lot of “sweet!” people.

Feet Like Hinds Feet

I spent this afternoon and evening, up until 7:30 p.m., trying to hang some new blinds in our living room. Now, I’ve gone to my parent’s and sister’s homes and did a little carpenter work for both of them, like making a ramp to go from the garage into the hallway, or from the garage and into the kitchen, so an electric chair or a walker could be used without tripping on the threshold. And I did a pretty good job of it, if I do say so myself. I’ve even hung a shelf or two, with some degree of success. Plus, I’ve hung shelves in my own shop, as well as run electrical wiring from the main electrical box on the side of the washroom, through some pvc pipe buried underground, and up into my shop and into another main breaker box so I could have some lights and plenty of electrical outlets for all my electrical gadgets. Again, a pretty good job, if I don’t say so, but hey? It all works and that was the goal in the first place, right? Right.


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