Six step plan to beat summer heat

Last year, as temperatures soared into the triple digits in Texas, 48 Texas State Parks handled 129 heat-related illnesses in humans and pets. Now that the summer has officially begun and temperatures are steadily climbing, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is sharing their top six heat hacks for staying safe in the outdoors.

America’s last turning symbolized by retailers

In the book “The Fourth Turning,” it explains the United States makes a dramatic turn in its future direction eveiy 80 years. The last turning occurred in the 1940’s and the next turning would be in the 2020’s. For some time, I thought it would be 2024 as by then a significant portion of my baby boomer group would be in the nursing home or cemetery and missing in action as a force in the country. However, it is looking more and more like 2020 will be the turning. As to how this turn wifl be, it is anyone’s guess.

New book discusses hardships of sheriffs

New book discusses hardships of sheriffs

“Country Cop- True Tales from a Texas Deputy Sheriff’ is an exceflent book covering many of the trials and hardships faced by a sheriff in more than an eight-hour day. It is a wonderful book for helping veteran officers but is especially valuable to the young or inexperienced officer The book provides knowledge and training that is missed, overlooked or passed as “probably won’t be needed.” In this day when police acceptance is questioned by many of the pubflc, the more knowledge and understanding of the law would be invaluable on every workday.


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