Food: The struggle is real

I have struggled with food most of my life, I used it for comfort as a child with abandonment issues, of course I didn’t know that was why I ate like I did. As an adult I’ve used exercise as a way to control my weight, which by the way does not work “you can’t outwork a bad diet”! Slowly slowly, I am trying to educate myself on eating health and exercise. I have not been consistent on working out, although I love to work out.

Mr. Washington

Lee Trevino has a street named after him in El Paso. Abraham Lincoln has a town named after him in Nebraska. Monty Montana has his namesake state and I’ve even got some hills named in my honor in South Dakota. But there is one feller who left his mark all over these United States. He’s got more towns and cities and counties and streets and states named after him than anyone else. An ex-president. No, not Jimmy Carter. It’s ol’ George Washington.

Believe it or not!

Do you believe in ghosts? How ‘bout angels? Miracles? Taro cards? I grew up believin’ in Heaven and all its assorted angelic inhabitants and their counterparts in the singed black hats. Reincarnation wasn’t taught in Sunday School but we were encouraged to believe that souls existed. So, with this sort of background it was easy for me to accept ghosts. Especially when I saw the ‘ghost of Yankee Bill Summit.’


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