Rich people encounter housing problems

For those of us who have a passing interest in how much home prices are fluctuating around the country, there was an interesting article in the paper about home prices in the Hamptons in New York. There, the one-percenters from the New York City area have created their own private world. There is a lack of availability of homes to purchase in the area even for people with big bucks and it is causing a lot of anguish on their part.

The mobile cow catcher

There is a common belief among many urban folks that a cowboy rides around all day and sings to cows. John Wayne and Tom Mix added “Drifting Ranch Saver” to their résumé. “Don’t worry, Nell, Black Bart will never get your ranch as long as Silver and I remain compassionate!” Marlboro turned him into a person who chases horses all over the place and relaxes around the chuckwagon in a yellow slicker. We cowboy poets have augmented the picture of the cowboy as a Shakespearian throwback with green stuff wedged between his heel and sole.


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