New laws take effect Sept. 1

Texting and driving outlawed; hot air balloon hog-hunting OK’d

The 85th Texas Legislature introduced 1,252 new laws to the books this year, most of which go into effect Sept. 1.

Issues this year’s new laws address include banning the use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle; strengthening laws against cyberbullying and littering; protecting first-responders and Good Samaritans from litigation; further protecting children, the elderly, the disabled and lottery winners from abuse and exploitation; and allowing Texans to hunt feral hogs from hot air balloons.

“The Texas Legislature convenes every two years on odd-numbered years,” the Texas State Law Library’s website,, explains. “During the legislative session, hundreds of bills are introduced by legislators for consideration by the Legislature. While a large portion of these bills never make it to the governor’s desk for approval, those that do are codified as law in the Texas Statutes.”


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