Windmills - An important slice of American History

Unless you lived on a farm or ranch that had a windmill or you tried to live the life of Don Quixote, you probably never had much experience with these wonderful machines. They are truly icons on the American scene. Folks are still impressed with the motion and sheer beauty of the twirling blades sitting on top of the tall pointed tower. One can buy miniature windmills, non pumping of course, but at least twirling, at nearly every flea market. But to enjoy the real thing and to learn more about them, one should get American Windmills - An Album of Historic Photographs written by T. Lindsay Baker published by University of Oklahoma Press. These windmills are in no way similar to the giant wind turbines proposed by T. Boone Pickens to produce electricity, but they may have been more important since they brought up precious water.


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