• Thunder in the West

Thunder in the West

Thunder in the West – The Life and Legends of Billy the Kid is a researched book of a famous character whose life has been lengthened, shortened. completely mixed with other gunfighters’ and law men’s lives. Until this book, the true story of this famous young man has not been told. According to Richard W. Etulain, the author, Billy’s life should be considered “bifurcated” meaning his life was divided between being a part villain and being part generous companion. He tries to show as both being a “friendly , gregarious and helpful companion, especially to women and Hispanics”. On other occasions, the Kid was a violent, murderous villain. These violent actions show up in his killings of Sheriff William Brady and the death of others.

The early life of Billy the Kid has many missing details. Even the place of his birth is in question as is his birth date, his father, and even his mother. The first fourteen years of Billy’s life has always been questioned and a subject of harsh dispute. His name would change as he lived in New Mexico and Arizona. Billy’s confusing life of a teenager was probably the reason for his twisted and often tormented life. His behavior would change in a moment from a friendly, enjoyable companion to a murderous man. Billy went by several names before he settled on Billy Bonney when he arrived in Lincoln County in October 1877. He used several aliases before that time. He had used Henry Kid Antrim, Henry McCarty and finally William (Billy) Bonney

There has been many questions over the years, did Billy the Kid ever fathered a child? The question has not been proven either way, but serious research has resulted. One thought developed since Billy talked about his relations with several women over a period of time. The women interviewed at the time. “Taken together, the silence of these three groups on Billy meant the diminution of first person accounts would likely portrayed Billy the Kid in complimentary terms.”




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