The Texas Hill Country

Texas is a vast and varied state. Encompassing some 267,339 square miles, it reaches 773 miles from east to west and 860 from north to south. The Edwards Plateau, commonly referred to as the Hill Country is located in west central Texas. Of the many scenes and places in the state to attract visitors and admirers, the Hill Country is the most popular.

The Texas Hill Country,

a terrific book has portrayed this beautiful and enchanting land. Photographed by professional photographer, Mike Marvins with two expert and talented writers, Joe Holley and Roy Flukinger they transform a “touristy” book into a real keep sake. Holley, a Houston Chronicle columnist introduces the book by highlighting the qualities that draw many folks to the Hill Country. Flukinger, an experienced photographer who discusses Marvins’unique photographic visions and the ways in which he helps us see this popular region in fresh ways.


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