Before Texas Changed is a stroll down memory lane

Before Texas Changed written by David Murph published by TCU Press was a trip back to my teenage years. It was a trip I enjoyed and I bet many of you will too. The fifties was a heck of a time and Murph relates it much as I remembered this confusing decade. One could walk alone down town or be afraid to speak to a stranger. We thought drive-inns served the best food and was a great place to visit with our friends sitting in or on our cars. While growing up was fun in many ways, some growth was painful and Murph relates his good and bad times.

The author tells about his elementary school experience with all the enjoyment and the difficulties a young child would have being separated from his family and tossed among strangers. But how different school was during those days. A major problem might be a spit ball fight. Today there may still be a disagreement , but it might be settled with guns or knives. A student who got a spanking at school, got another when he got home. Another experience that Murph describes was his first airplane flight and how his family dressed for the occasion. In the fifties people dressed in suits and ties and pretty dresses, and the terminal was approached with a certain air of respect. But have you been to an airport lately and noticed how people are dressed.


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