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Ask Rusty – Mother Seeking SSI Benefits for Disabled Child

Dear Rusty:  My young daughter is disabled, and I am trying to make ends meet financially. Can you help with a child’s SSI claim?  Signed: Needy Mother

Dear Needy Mother:  “SSI”, or “Supplemental Security Income”, is a Federal benefit program administered by, but separate from Social Security. SSI is available for low-income disabled seniors and disabled minor children. As your daughter’s parent you must apply directly with the Social Security Administration (you cannot apply online). You can do this at the general SSA number (1.800.772.1213) or at your local Social Security office, which you can find by going to this link:  Here, you can enter your zip code and get back contact information for your local office, including location, hours, and telephone number to call.  

You should call first to make an appointment so as to speed up the SSI application process and avoid long wait times. In order to expedite the application, you should first complete a Child Disability Report which will ask you to provide detailed information about the child and the child’s medical condition.


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