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Ask Rusty - Declining Medicare Part B

Dear Rusty: Perhaps you could do an article about deferring Medicare Part B. I never found a way to formally “defer” part B, so apparently, we just ignore it if we have other qualified health insurance. I turned 65 in January but am still fully employed with qualified medical insurance. I became aware of the potential penalties for not enrolling in Medicare correctly, but despite my best efforts it still came out wrong for me. In my research I found I could defer Part B but that it would be good to get the deferral on record (somehow) when we enroll in part A. I created an account online and signed up. I had to bring some paperwork to the SS office and while there I brought up the Part B deferral. I was told that I was “all set” but a few weeks later I got a bill for Part B, so I had to take time off and go straighten it out at the SS office. I never did find anything online about “how to formally defer Medicare B.” Signed: Working Still


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