Observation: The proud not so proud anymore

On Nov. 10, 1938 an event occurred in Germany from which there was no return. It was called Kristallnacht, the night of Broken Glass, when Nazi SS storm troopers attacked the Jewish population by destroying their businesses and wrecking their homes. Jewish leaders counseled their people to hunker down until this rage passed because they were loyal citizens of which many had fought for Germany in WWI. But the government issued proclamations on a continuing basis preventing Jews from going back to their homes or businesses, ultimately forcing them to give both to people with government connections. Then they were forbidden to shop in stores leaving them hiding in alleys and sleeping in parks.

Then came the mad scramble for the Jewish people to get out of Germany, but few countries were taking refugees and those who went to other countries in Europe were soon trapped again. In only two countries was their safety assured, England and the United States, and visas to them were difficult to get. Those precious few who obtained them, years later would start crying when recalling seeing the White Cliffs of Dover or the Statue of Liberty as they were coming in on ships knowing this meant safety at last.


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