Name That Tune

How many of you remember the old family television comedy, “The Honeymooners”? It starred Jackie Gleason as Ralph Cramdon, a New York bus driver who tried every scheme in the book to make it rich, but never came up a winner, Art Carney, Ralph’s bosom buddy, Ed Norton, who was a sewer worker, and who, from time to time got the best of Ralph, Audrey Meadows, as Ralph’s wife, Alice, and only someone like Alice could stay by Ralph’s side, and Joyce Randolph, Ed’s wife,Trixie, sometimes known as “Trixie, the maid”? The show first ran in the mid 1950’s, and ninetynine percent of the time, the action took place in the Cramdon’s kitchen. It was an hilarious show that still can be watched weekly on “Me-TV”, or, on my favorite site, You Tube. You can also catch it on “Old Time Television Shows” on the web.


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