The miracle of quail and manna

It’s time for us to take another one of those familiar trips in the Bible that might not be as familiar as you think. The scene is the Children of Israel as they wander in the deserts of the Sinai Peninsula on their way to the Promised Land. You can find the story in Exodus 16 and Numbers 11 . If you will recall your Biblical history, the Lord has just led the Israelite people out of slavery in Egyp t through a series of 10 miracles, culminating with perhaps the greatest miracle of all, the crossing of the Red Sea. Now I’m not going to get into all the theories about that because I want to take you into the Wilderness of Sin on their way to Mt. Sinai where they received the laws of God known as The Ten Commandments. Folks, most of us today want to call them “The Ten Suggestions,” you know, ideas that may or may not be good or appropriate to life today. But I want to tell you something; if Israel had followed those laws throughout their history, and if you and I will take those laws as commands for living, this whole world could be turned upside down for the Gospel sake. If we would live by them, there would be a lot fewer crimes committed in our cities, states and country.

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