A horse with a clock in its stomach

Ah, return with me again, if you will, to the little apartment in New York City, inhabited by the lovable couple, Ralph and Alice Cramdon, of “The Honeymooners”. The scene opens with Ralph’s good friend, Ed Norton, entering the famed apartment looking for Ralph. Alice enters to tell him Ralph isn’t home yet. The purpose of Norton’s visit is to invite the Cramdons to an Antique Show at the Madison Square Gardens. Alice tells Ed that there is no need for her to go to an antique show when all she has to do is look around her apartment and see all the antiques she wants to see. However, Norton tells her not to be so quick in passing by such a show because he believes she and Ralph have some antiques right there in their own apartment that could be worth a lot of money! As she goes into the bedroom to take care of some household chores, she allows him to do all the looking he wants. Norton quickly spies their ice-box and says to her, “Alice, I’m not sure, but I believe this ice-box is early ‘Ma and Pa Kettle!” Of course, in his examination, he finds last night’s roast turkey and begins to sample a turkey leg. “Alice,” he says, “I’ve found something very interesting here.” About that time, Ralph enters and the show’s plot takes off.

Ralph spots the mail and begins to go through it. He spies the gas bill with the amount written on the back of a post card, much like you and I receive on our city bill. He begins to complain because being written on a post card, everybody in the apartment now knows how much his gas bill is! Norton says he’s correct because the apartment “blabber-mouth” tells everyone she sees how much the Cramdons owe. “I know how much you owe,” he says. “How much”, Ralph asks? To which Norton replies, “You own 93 cents! And according to the blabber-mouth, you have made the ‘all-time-record of the lowest gas bill since the Caya brothers in 1931!’” Now, wouldn’t you like to have a city bill like that?

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