Food: The struggle is real

I have struggled with food most of my life, I used it for comfort as a child with abandonment issues, of course I didn’t know that was why I ate like I did. As an adult I’ve used exercise as a way to control my weight, which by the way does not work “you can’t outwork a bad diet”! Slowly slowly, I am trying to educate myself on eating health and exercise. I have not been consistent on working out, although I love to work out.

I have been going through a lot of stressful life situations lately, mostly with my grown children, something I have no control over - I pray a lot. My daughter, Mary, reminded me how I always used exercise to reduce stress, it just falls off of you when you get your heart rate up to 80 percent and keep it there for 30-45 minute. I used to say, I don’t even remember what I was stressed about when I walked in, and I don’t know what to do with my stress when I don’t work out. I had been working out consistently from 1993 until last year. It’s funny how you forget important things like that.

Last week while in Fairfield I started thinking about some type of exercise that I could do on my own, when I can’t get to the gym, other than walking, which I try to do consistently.








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