The fix-it man

Last July I was visiting with my mother and sister in another city. Before I left, Mom gave me her food processor to see if I could fix it. I had fixed a few things earlier and so I told her, “I’ll see what I can do.” I mean, after all, I had rebuilt a ramp for them to make it easier to get into the back door. So, it has a little “bump” at its foot and another one where it meets the door, but it’s still easier to use than the short ramp that was there before. And I had fixed a hot-hair iron for my daughter-in-law so they wouldn’t have to buy a new and expensive one, and it still works as far as I know. So what is this food processor that I can’t fix it as well?

After I’ve had it a month, I took it apart, thinking that something was wrong with the motor or some other apparatus in the mechanics of it. But, after looking at all of that, and re-soldering a wire I had accidently knocked loose, I put it back together to see if that was the problem. But then I discovered what the real problem was. It wasn’t in the inner workings of the processor at all! The real problem was in the upper handle of the thing. A doohickey that’s in the handle that, when depressed, depresses another doohickey in the base that flips a switch that makes the whole thing work. What? Anyway, that’s what I’ve got to do, plus take it apart again backwards! But I’ll get it done, believe me. I’ll get it done.

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