A Familyʼs Name

Have you ever read the books of First and Second Chronicles? Your answer will be one of two; either, “Not in a long time,” or, probably more than likely, “No, I never have.” But you ought to take the time to read them because they are important books in the Old Testament. They are considered to be “parallels” of the books of Second Samuel and First and Second Kings. It might be important that you read these three books first so you don’t get lost when you read the books of the Chronicles. These two books simply “re-tell” the genealogies and histories of the children of Israel from a priestly point of view. The author of the books is a priest by the name of Ezra, who is also the man who is given credit, more than any other, of leading the people of Israel to becoming, once again, the “people of the Book”, meaning the people of the Word of God. Ezra was one among many prominent and important people who had been carried off into captivity by the nation of Babylon because Israel had blatantly and repeatedly rebelled against the God who had called them to be the light of God in the world in which they lived. But they wanted to be just like any other nation, and choose to live their own way.

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