Letter to the Editor,

On Sunday, Nov. 17, my niece, who lives in Houston, came to visit her mother and spend a few days in Mexia. My sisters, my niece and I had made plans to meet at the Mexican restaurant in Teague after church. My niece arrived approximately 10 minutes before we did at the restaurant.

Margaret drives a 2006 yellow Volkswagen. As she was driving from Mexia toward Teague, she saw a yellow 2006 VW driving west from Teague. She waved at passengers in the yellowVW and then turned into the restaurant parking lot and parked her car on the right side of the parking lot.

The problem (theft) occurred while we were having lunch, and I am hoping someone may have seen something. The person(s) removed the front passenger headlight of her car; then they tried to take the driver-side headlight, but they were unable to remove it.

I can’t understand why anyone could or would do such a thing, especially when they have no idea who the person is or the circumstances that have occurred in their life and what they are going through. The person(s) who did this should be ashamed of themselves, but I am sure they are not. My niece lost her husband in a car wreck some months ago, and she is still in the grieving stage. Now she has to get her car repaired as soon as she can, so she can go to work.

My niece called her mechanic in Houston, and he told her a VW 2006 headlight would cost approximately $300 and that did not include labor. He told her that it would take two or three weeks to come in.

I am writing this letter in the hope that the person(s) who did this will possibly read what I have said and see the hurt they have caused my niece. I am praying for you because what you did could put you in a place that you would not like, and if you continue doing these types of things in your life, you will be residing in some place away from your home. Please STOP taking headlights now, before it is too late.

Mary Tippens


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