Charles M. Russell: The Women in His Life and Art

Charles M. Russell may be the most famous artist of the Old West. Born on March 19, 1864, Russell produced action-packed paintings, drawings, and sculptures of cowboys, fur trappers, Native American buffalo hunters and warriors, and other heroes of the Old West.  Russell’s best known works capture the excitement and deadly risk of men battling nature and one another in a majestic landscape of mountains and plains.  

Least well-known is Russell’s hundreds of depictions of western women. As renowned author and art historian Ginger K. Render observed thirty-five years ago, no other artist of the West devoted more of his time and talent to the portrayal of women. His effort to include the lives of women has been largely ignored until Charles M. Russell: The Women in His Life and Art published by the University of Oklahoma.  Written by a group of five well-known researchers and curators of museums, Joan Broccoli, Brian Dippie, Emily Wilson, Jennifer O’Looney, and Thomas Petries opens up the world of women in involved in Russell’s life.    


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