Anxious to get to know you all

Hi, my name is Darlene Hall, I am the Teague/Fairfield advertising representative. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you and look forward to meeting the rest of you soon.

My husband and I have dreamed of owning property in in Freestone county for years (his kin folks are from here). We looked off and on over the years, but this year it happened for us (March 30, 2020 we closed), on unimproved acerage on the edge of Teague. Yes, that’s right, during the beginning of the pandemic (it was uncharted territory), I was bound and determined to jump in there and push the closing through before my sweet husband changed his mind again.

I can be a bit of a steam roller at times, but I’m trying to let my husband lead, as God designed marriage.

I ran around and found a little travel trailer to stay in while we work on our land, of course with my husband’s approval.

He began making lists of tasks to be done first, second, etc. Moving that travel trailer was not on the list anywhere. First, fence, then build a cover, a BIG cover for the trailer, and on and on and on. I was more than a little disappointed, but the Lord was speaking to me during this time, wait, let Me lead you, let your husband lead you.

Every week we would drive to Teague, from Manvel, trim trees with clippers, burn brush, rake, you know the routine. Then drive back home, many weeks my husband would hire some of his buddies to come up and work. June, July and August were pretty tough. But we are here, still working on our land, driveway, fence, ponds, clearing the trees for our foundation. We finally did get our trailer set up and it’s much better than a tent lol...

I’m grateful to be here and look forward to meeting you all.

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