America’s playbook hard to stop

Think of the longest winning streaks, such as the New York Yankees, Lombardi’s Packers and the Boston Celtics. They don’t even come close to Uncle Sam’s of 75 years after WWII. We designed a system to prevent massive world wars, promote democracy and open trading systems along with trying to improve the living conditions of the most destitute. Along the way trying to prove that a mixed capitalistic system is better than totalitarianism.

These ideas have been relatively successful, while at times we have lost ourselves off the road and in the weeds. However, we have eventually found ourselves back on the road with scratches, bruises and clothes torn to rags. As Otto Von Bismarck, the iron Chancellor who turned Prussian states into the German nation, said, “God looks after drunks fools, and the United States.”

We have a playbook that has worked for 75 years. We need to remember when football critics asked Lombardi when he was going to quit running the Packer power sweep, he said “when somebody figures a way to stop it.”

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