The Amazing Faith of Texas

Just this summer, a political candidate called a news conference to discuss his religion, faith, and beliefs.  As he talked,  I wondered  how Texans would take his efforts to reassure everyone, indeed, he was religious.  Whether his effort works or not, Texans seem to have their own concept of religion, views of faith, and beliefs. With the state’s unique reputation for “sticking up” for what they believe, it may be a good time to examine a book which explores how Texans see God and his teachings.  

Roy Spence runs an advertising company which represents such business giants as Wal-Mart, Southwest Airlines, Chili’s, BMW, and many more. He created the slogans, “Don’t Mess With Texas” and “Texas - It’s Like a Whole Other Country.” As he worked with  Texans of many different religions, he saw that as diverse as Texans are, they share much in common when it comes to their faith.  To discover if what unites us as a family of faith is deeper than what divides us, Spence and group of fellow Texans toured the state to uncover the truth.  



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