Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Freestone County Livestock Sale total pushing $400,000

THE 2016 VOLUME BUYER at the Freestone County Fair Livestock sale was GDR Holdings LLC owned by Greg Sustaire (center) and Rick Hare (not pictured). Pictured presenting Sustaire with the 2016 Volume buyer belt buckle are Fair Sale Committee members Will McSwane (left) and Clint Minchew. GDR Holdings LLC spent $26,125 at the sale to benefit the youth of Freestone County.

Unofficial totals from Saturday’s Freestone County Livestock Sale were pushing close to the $400,000 mark Monday afternoon. Fair Sale Committee member Will McSwane reported that $299,375 in gross purchases were made Saturday and that some $76,000 in additional add on money for youths has already been pledged with more still coming in.

McSwane said considering the current local economy that the sale is considered a success.

The first twelve lots sold at the sale are Grand and Reserve Champions

The Grand Champion Steer, shown by Hallie Davidson, sold to NIP Ranch/Ivy Phillips for $11,000. The Reserve Grand Champion Steer, shown by Mikaela Stamper, sold to NIP Ranch/Ivy Phillips for $8, 500.

The Grand Champion Swine, shown by Grant Hubbert, sold to Black Livestock and CETA for $6,000. The Reserve Champion Swine, shown by Cole Coufal, sold to Nelson Propane for $3,500.

The Grand Champion Lamb, shown by Kade Kimball, was sold to GDR Holdings, LLC. for $3,500 The Reserve Champion Lamb, shown by Kall Collins, sold to XTO Energy $2,500.

The Grand Champion Goat, shown by Makenna Epps, sold to BG Reggie Davis for $2,500. The Reserve Champion Goat, was shown by Freestone Comunity 4-H Club member Brooklyn Thompson.

The Grand Champion Pen of Broilers, shown by...

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The lights have been on for 109 years in Teague

The Grand Champion Market Steer was exhibited by Hallie Davidson of Fairfield 4-H. The steer weighed 1,323 pounds and was purchased by NIP Ranch-Ivy Phillips for $11,000.

In 1907 the booming new City of Teague was bustling and growing. With all the new and modern conveniences that were coming about the Teague citizens found out that a power plant was in the plans and they would have the most “Up Town” convenience of the day, Electric Lights! Teague had arrived!

The City of Teague has had electrical power since May 25, 1907. Today, this might not seem to be of any important significance. However, in 1906 after the Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway had established here resulting in Teague becoming a railroad boomtown, the need of this modern convenience of electrical power was realized by the aggressive Ten Thousand Club.

The membership of this club, so-named because of its cherished dream of securing 10,000 residents in Teague by 1910, was comprised of the business men and civic leaders in the early days before the town had regularly constituted authorities. They realized the great results which could be accomplished by a commercial club whose aim and intention would be to secure enterprises to assist in the building of the city. Thus, they organized this club...

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Fairfield Hospital changing their name

To Freestone Medical Center

The Fairfield Hospital District Board has approved a new name for the hospital in Fairfield, Texas — Freestone Medical Center. The new name marks the transition of hospital operations from ETMC to the Fairfield Hospital District which will occur in December 2016. “We appreciate the community’s involvement, patience, and support, and we’re...

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