Saturday, July 30, 2016

Case raises over 1500 for Teague PD

CASE WILLIAMS with his buddy, Teague Chief of Police Daniel Ramsey, is pictured while being interview with a reporter from Fox Channel 44 out of Waco on Monday, July 25th. Case sold lemonade at his stand and raised $1,500 to donate to the Teague Police Department which will go toward the purchase of a drug dog. Case says they need a drug dog “to help catch the bad guys.”

Four year old Case Williams was watching TV when he heard about children having a lemonade stand to raise money to help the families of Dallas Police officers tragically killed in an ambush earlier this month. He decided he could do the same thing and donate to proceeds to the Teague Police Department to purchase a drug dog.

He was very excited and told his grandmother, Debbie Sanoja, about his plan and she told him she would help him put a lemonade stand together. They set their stand up at the Cub’s Den, on the corner of Main Street and 6th Avenue and sold lemonade for $1 a glass.

In one day of selling lemonade, over $1,500 was donated and more is coming in everyday from the caring citizens of Teague. Daniel Sanoja said, “Everyday, people come into my garage (Chadus Garage) and donate money for Case’s drug dog.”

Chief Daniel Ramsey bought Case a police uniform and told him that he was part of the team and Case tells everyone that Chief Ramsey is his buddy. Chief Ramsey and Case spoke to Fox Channel 44, out of Waco on Monday, July 25th, about his lemonade stand and Case said that he wanted to get the drug dog to help catch the bad guys. He wore his uniform and sat in a police car with Chief Ramsey. The young man will get to name the drug dog when there is enough money...

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Chronicle observes 110th anniversary

First Methodist Preschool summer program enjoyed a trip to Waco last week. They visited the Mayborn Museum. They enjoyed playing and investigating all kinds of science and energy hands-on-exhibits. They enjoyed dressing up in costumes from other countries as shown above. After the museum they enjoyed lunch and playtime at McDonalds.

It was 110 years and one day ago that the very first issue of The Teague Chronicle came off the press in the booming railroad town of Teague, Texas. The date was July 27, 1906.

“We’re the oldest business in Teague and proud to report that to our knowledge The Chronicle has never missed an issue in its 100 years of existence,” says Publisher Steve Massey. “We must thank our advertisers and subscribers for sticking with us all these years, if it were not for your continued support, we would not be here today. Your support and friendship is greatly appreciated.”

An original copy of the front page of the July 27, 1906 issue is on display in The Chronicle Office. Front page headlines and stories included the following: The Teague Commercial Club – Is permanently Organized and Composed of Live Business Men; Teague Independent School District – The District is Incorporated and the Directors Elected; Grand Free Barbecue And Town Lot Sale – Given by the Valley Townsite Company; First Passenger Train Arrives In Teague – Comes in Over the Trinity and Brazos Railroad; Grand Opportunities Open for Investors – What Teague Needs and Will Have Within One Year From this Date; and Both Legs Cut Off By the Train – Man Struck by Engine Near Freestone, Dies in Mexia From the Effect.

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Teague’s first telephone system

TEAGUE’S TELEPHONE Switchboard Operators are pictured around 1920 working in the First National Bank building. Running the switchboard are (l to r) Pearl Perry, Eva Livingston, and Johnnie Anderson. Standing in the back are Minnie Ellisor Curry and Melvin Oakes.

Editor’s note: This is one article in a series gathered and mostly written by the late Teague historian, Dorothy McVey, about the beginning and early days of Teague, Texas. The interesting stories and facts are about a town that sprang out of the prairie and became a modern and successful hub of commerce in only a few years. Visit the B-RI Railroad and Historical Museum and enjoy many exhibits covering Teague, the early days of the city and the railroad.

In 1947 Mrs. Pearl Perry, chief operator for the telephone office in Teague, compiled a brief historical sketch of the early days of the telephone business in Teague. In part, she wrote:

“The first telephone system in Teague was privately owned by Mr. J.M. Parker in 1906. He installed a one-position switchboard on the second floor of the First National Bank building. The switchboard could be moved from place to place and put by any window the operator desired to sit.

The first telephone was installed in the First National Bank and the number 13 was selected by E.B. St. Clair, cashier of the bank. The bank continued to use that number as long as the bank remained in that building. The were only three toll lines, one each to Buffalo, Oakwood and Mexia.

Miss May Williamson was the first telephone operator, and as the stairway of the bank building was not completed, she had to climb a ladder to reach the telephone office...

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Rodeo contestants earn $42,390 in prize money

The 87th Annual Teague Fourth of July Rodeo has come and gone and what a success! People lined Main Street for the Rodeo Parade and packed the stands in the Rodeo Arena for all three nights of the action packed events. Figures show that cowboys and cowgirls earned over $42,000 in events, not including pay-outs for Wild Cow Milking and Jr. and Sr. Ribbon Roping events, which were not available. Figures show bareback riders earned a total ...

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