Thursday, March 05, 2015

Vandalism continues

THE PRESS BOX AT THE CITY PARK Little League field was completely destroyed by fire from a vandal’s match in the early morning hours of February 20th. The vandals also set a dumpster on fire in the park located next to the Teague Rodeo Arena before vandalizing cars on three different streets in town. Anyone with information concerning the vandalism is asked to contact the Teague Police Department.

Once again the city is facing more vandalism. According to Teague Chief of Police Dennis Cox, a call came into the Teague Police Department early morning on February 20th, stating that there was a dumpster on fire in the City Park near the baseball field. The Teague Volunteer Fire Department was called and police raced to the scene. Not only was the dumpster near the rodeo arena on fire but the press box at the little league field was as well. The firefighters quickly extinguished the fires but the press box was completely destroyed as shown in the adjacent photo.

Later that same morning, around 6:00 a.m., calls came into the Teague Police Department stating that someone had vandalized a number of vehicles on Circle Drive, North 7th Avenue, and South 6th Avenue.

“We are beefing up surveillance in hopes of catching the people who are doing this or at least discouraging this kind of behavior,” said Chief Cox. “This is an ongoing investigation.”

Teague City Manager, Judy Keally, said that the City Council would be discussing options for surveillance. Council members touched on the subject last week and briefly discussed the possibility of placing cameras at the park to help catch the vandals.

Not too long ago a group gathered together and...

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West, Skinner to play in Super Centex FCA Bowl

Six area football standouts will play for the blue team in the Seventh Annual Super Centex FCA Victory Bowl on June 13th at Waco ISD Stadium. Players were selected from 95 high schools over 12 counties in Central Texas and were nominated by their high school coaches after the 2014 fall sports season. A total of 92...

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Rebate check increases 74.15%

The City of Teague has received a check in the amount of $108,868.92 for their portion of the state sales tax rebate sent out each month by the State Comptroller’s office. The February rebate check is a 74.15 percent increase from the $62,510.91 check sent to the city at this time last year. For the second month of 2015...

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