Derrick Lights Oil and Gas Report

Drilling Permits:

Leon County

3.24 miles SW. of Jewett, Texas

Branton (Rodessa) Field

Sabine Oil & Gas Corp. has a recompletion permit for its McBride Gas Unit No. 1 Lease, Well No. 1 (API No. 42-289-31791), a vertical well --- 1,930’ FWL & 2,230’ FSL of the G.H. Gordon Survey, Abstract 326, 11,215’ total depth, 663.10 acre lease

Oil Well Completions:

None for this Week

Gas Well Completions:

Limestone County

2.5 miles NW. of Oletha, Texas

Oletha (Travis Peak) Field

Linn Operating Inc. has recompleted its Fowler ‘A’ Lease, Well No. 1 (API No. 42-293-31184), a recompletion on 3-28-2017 from the Oletha (Cotton Valley Sand) Field --- 9,722’ FSWL & 2,550’ FSEL of the J.L. Chavert Survey, Abstract 4, 10,500’ total depth, 7,703’-7,713’ producing interval, 551.51 acre lease

***** 24 HR. POTENTIAL TEST *****

DATE OF TEST 4-5-2017

688,000 cubic feet of gas per day, no condensate, 216 barrels of water per day, 34/64” choke, 175 psia flowing pressure, 1,215 psia shut-in wellhead pressure, 1,388 psia bottom hole pressure, 0.591 gravity gas, the producing interval was fracture stimulated prior to testing

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