Saved after First Presbyterian Church of Teague was razed in 2012...Stained Glass Window to be dedicated in Forney

THE MAGNIFICENT STAINED GLASS WINDOW that adorned the First Presbyterian Church of Teague for close to 100 years will be dedicated Sunday, March 26th at its new home at the First Presbyterian Church of Forney.

It?s been a little over five years since the historic First Presbyterian Church of Teague was razed in February of 2012 due to its deterioration from age and the elements, but the magnificent stained glass window that adorned the front of the church was saved and will continue to bask worshipers in the glory of our Lord and Savior at the First Presbyterian Church of Forney, Texas.

Dedication ceremonies for the newly restored stain glass window are set for Sunday, March 26th, at the First Presbyterian Church of Forney beginning at 4 p.m. The dedication ceremony of the stain glass window to be installed in the Church?s sanctuary is being held in conjunction with the installation service of Rev. David Ivie as Pastor.

Rev. Ivey has sent a special invitation to the citizens of Teague who have ties to the First Presbyterian church of Teague to attend the dedication services.

?We?ve had it completely restored by Willet-Hauser,? said Rev. Ivey about the magnificent window. ?Restoration included hand-painting some of the damaged pieces. The piece will be installed in our sanctuary. There is another piece with the words ?First Presbyterian Church? which was installed just the past Friday at our front doors.?

The First Presbyterian Church of Teague was purchased by the Teague Historical Preservation Society in 2004 with hopes of saving the landmark built in 1914. But estimates to repair the facility came in at $850,000. The city of Teague had red tagged the building as being unsafe and the painstaking decision was made to have the building come down.

THPS contacted the Texas Historical Commission, who agreed the building was beyond repair and potentially dangerous.

On the bright side of losing the landmark, Cunningham Construction of Hillsboro took the building apart and agreed to recycle all the material they could, thus keeping the church living on in as many places as possible.

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