Thank you for keeping home fires stoked

Dear Chronicle Staff,

Thank you for all you do to keep the home fires stoked. I grew up in Teague, graduated in 1954. I grew up with Willis Webb, Shirley Jones, and all the rest of the group since it never really mattered what your age was if you were in high school. I, being the oldest of we three.

That was a lovely story about Shirley and a more blessed one to me, the one of Marie Lawrence. Dick and Marie are precious to me.

By the way, I was the “Gwen of the first Kiss” in one of Willis’s submissions several months ago. So you see, who needs Facebook when we have the Chronicle.

Most recently I found an old friend in your letters to the editor. Bartine Lane was a dear friend and when she moved away during the summer, none of us knew where she went.

Bartine and I have been in contact and have plans to visit soon.

Sometimes I don’t know the person you feature, but I read every word. You never know as the old saying goes; “Maybe they married in.”

I didn’t write this for publication, but to tell you all how much you are appreciated. I hope you continue your feature stories, and Willis’s articles –How fun it is to get the paper, always a week late, but it is ok just to hear from people of Teague and my past. Sadly, too often, I read of my friends in the obituaries, but at least they are remembered with respect.

I am glad I found out I can get a sneak peak and forthcoming (to me) issues on the computer.

Thanks again,

Gwen Goolsby Hendrix

P.S. I really like the staff pictures on the website.

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