Library Summer Reading Program Is Successful

RACHEL BOSSIER came to the Teague Library’s Summer Reading Program and taught the children how to make a volcano. The children were captivated with the technique that Mrs. Bossier was showing them. Bossier has donated her time to the summer reading program for a number of years.

The Teague Library?s annual summer reading program ended with a bang on Friday, July 25, with a pizza party celebration for all participants. The program started with sign-ups on June 7th and followed with programs every Thursday.

Upon signing up every child received a custom Teague Library backpack with lots of goodies inside. Thursday programs consisted of reading, singing, crafts and just plain fun!! The kids learned about volcanoes, horses, planting flowers, identifying animal skins and footprints, railroad safety, and everything in between. Bags were handed out at each program with educational coloring books, crayons, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. These bags cost around $4 each and we pack around 600 bags each summer. Our goal is to reward every child for coming to the programs and hopefully instill a lifelong love of reading.

Here at the library we know that times are tough for families and we wanted to help parents and kids receive good quality items that would come in handy when school started. Every child that signs up for the program gets their name put on the wall at the library to keep track of their reading progress.

Our top reader this year was Leynie Horton with an amazing 780 books. Participants received a reading certificate with the number of books they read. We are very proud to say that we have had almost 1,800 kids in the library so far this summer. Some come to check-out books, use the computer, or just hang out in the air conditioning.

We would like to thank our presenters this summer that volunteered their time and talents: Rachel Bossier Joyce Gonzales and Snickers, Bill Hammon, Donna Landers, Terry Sartor, Angel Sims and Archie Patel. We also would like to thank Sally Davis and Janice Howard. These two special volunteers spend countless hours stuffing bags and making all this possible.

Thanks also go to the City of Teague and Friends of the Teague Library for sponsoring the summer reading program. Thank you to the following businesses for their donations: Val Fulcher, Leon?s Garage, Withrow Furniture, Prosperity Bank, and Deja vu. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

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