A Facility Quite Unlike Any Other

The Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center, located at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) is a facility quite unlike any other. This unique center provides for the physical, emotional, and medical needs of companion animals whose owners find themselves no longer able to do so. Whether they are entering a retirement home, being hospitalized for an extended period of time, or predeceasing a pet, they can take assurance in the fact that their beloved pets are being well cared for at the Stevenson Center.

?I believe the Stevenson Center is unique in that it is the only life-care facility for pets that is an integral part of a College of Veterinary Medicine,? said Dr. Sonny Presnal, director of the Stevenson Center. ?This means that companion animals that are living with us at the Stevenson Center will receive the ultimate in veterinary care which is provided by our Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.?

The Stevenson Center has veterinary students who live at the center to care for the resident pets at night and on weekends and holidays. ?It is unique in another way because four veterinary students live at the center to provide around-the-clock care and companionship whenever the staff is off duty,? said Dr. Presnal. ?This is an excellent learning opportunity for the students and ensures a high quality of life for our pet residents.?

Situated on three acres beside the CVM campus, the total space of the center, including a recent second expansion since its opening in 1993, is about 11,000 square feet and will be able to house nearly 100 pets. A stable behind the main building houses the center?s resident llama, with space for other large companion animals when the need arises. Residing in the center at this time are 19 cats, 14 dogs and the llama. There are a total of 480 animals currently enrolled to enter the program, with 173 owners from 26 different states.

?Over the more than 21 years which we have been in operation, many donors have supported the center by making contributions to our building fund, unrestricted gifts, and in many cases creating an endowment from their estate plans in excess of the minimum required endowment to enroll their pets,? said Dr. Presnal.? ?We are extremely grateful for this support, and this support is what has enabled us to create the exceptional facility and care that our resident pets receive at the center.?

Enrollment is not a complicated process, and interested donors can contact the center by phone (979-845-1188) or on their website (http://vetmed.tamu.edu/stevenson-center). ?We highly encourage anyone that might have an interest in enrolling their pets in the center to visit the center to fully appreciate the compassionate care that their pet would receive,? said Dr. Presnal.

Center staff will pick up enrolled animals anywhere in Texas when necessary. The first stop for the pets ? before they even enter the Center ? is the CVM Small Animal Hospital, where they go through a thorough examination before joining the others. The hospital and its veterinarians also provide comprehensive care when a center resident is sick or injured, ensuring the animals get the best care available.

?We believe that the Stevenson Center provides the ultimate in life-care for companion animals comprised of exceptional, compassionate care and the very best veterinary care available anywhere,? said Dr. Presnal. ?We highly encourage anyone interested in the program to schedule a visit to see the center ?up close and personal.??

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