125 Exhibitors Failed to Make Livestock Sale

JESSICA CALAME paints the face of a little boy at the “Hoedown in the Park” celebration to kick-off Teague Western Week last Saturday. Another little boy checks it out to see if he wants to get his face painted too. Jessica works for Citizens State Bank and volunteered her time for the children.

With a total of $403,000 spent by buyers, donors and contributors at the 2014 Freestone County Fair Livestock Sale on the 130 entries that made sale order, there were almost as many youths showing market animals that didn?t qualify for the auctioneer?s gavel this year.

A total of 125 4-H and FFA members had to take their entries home with the them, instead of waving goodbye to them at the conclusion of the livestock sale. Although these 125 youths didn?t profit for the livestock sale, they still encountered a lot of expenses as they fed and worked with their animals for months prior to the fair.

The following is a list of youths from our county that didn?t get that big pay-off from making the sale like some of their friends and neighbors did.

Wouldn?t it be nice for a few dollars to be slipped into their pockets. We?re providing you with their names, you might have to find their addresses yourself.

Market Broilers:

William Armstrong, Eagle Country 4-H; Cole Smith, Teague FFA; Joshua Weeks, Teague FFA; Morgan Posey, Teague FFA; Morgan Smith, Teague FFA.

Market Goats:

Madison Barnett, Freestone Community 4-H; Cierra Childs, Dew 4-H; Blake Fisk, Teague FFA; Mattie Hagen, Dew 4-H; Taylor Marie Laxton, Teague FFA; Roxanne McClenan, Teague FFA; Cale Myers, Freestone Community 4-H; Camryn Rutherford, Dew 4-H; Hannah Warren Fairfield 4-H; Major Burrell Teague FFA; Alyssa Clifton, Eagle Country 4-H; Presley Frost, Freestone Community 4-H; Kooper Kennedy, Freestone Community 4-H; Paisley Lewis Fairfield 4-H; Tra?Gary McQuirter, Teague FFA; Carter Richard, Fairfield 4-H; Tori Skinner, Teague FFA; Rileigh White, Fairfield 4-H.

Market Lambs:

Kala Allen, Teague FFA; Colbie Cherry, Fairfield FFA; Caroline Craig, Freestone Community 4-H; Jaylen Davis, Eagle Country 4-H; Anna Claire Ham, Fairfield FFA; ; Alonzo Jones, Fairfield FFA; Cameron McVeay, Eagle Country 4-H; Bryson Nettle, Fairfield 4-H; Caelyn Thompson, Teague FFA; Chelsea Chandler, Teague FFA; Ty Cockerham, Teague FFA; Kendell Crocker, Fairfield FFA; Kassidy Griffith, Teague FFA; Kensey Isaacs, Eagle Country 4-H; Kade Kimball, Freestone Community 4-H; Banner Monico, Fairfield 4-H; Stepfon Newsome, Fairfield FFA.

Market Rabbits:

Aidan Allen, Dew 4-H; Kacie Carroll, Fairfield FFA; Kaden Crawford, Fairfield Jr. FFA; Nathan Evans, Freestone Community 4-H; Cody Fowler, Dew 4-H; Travis Fox, Freestone Community 4-H; Mason Hargrove, Wortham 4-H; Marcus Lupo, Fairfield 4-H; Blaise Monico, Fairfield 4-H; Lori Neill, Fairfield FFA; Caleb Scires, Fairfield FFA; Ryan Stimmel, Teague FFA; Ava Thompson, Eagle Country 4-H; Zac Von Sehrwald, Fairfield FFA; Maeci Wilson, Fairfield 4-H; Claire Carroll, Fairfield FFA; Emily Cavin, Dew 4-H; Kendal Crawford, Fairfield Jr. FFA; Trent Ferguson, Fairfield 4-H; Ryan fox, Freestone Community 4-H; Carla Hargrove, Wortham 4-H; Jakari Levels, Teague FFA; Noah Mireles, Fairfield FFA; Bosque Monico, Fairfield 4-H; William Pierce, Dew 4-H; Tiffany Scruggs, Teague FFA; Zac Taylor, Fairfield FFA; Lex Thompson, Eagle Country 4-H; Shelby Wallace, Fairfield FFA.

Market Steers:

J.T. Barrentine, Teague FFA; Victoria Donohoo, Fairfield FFA; Ty McAdams, Teague FFA; Jayce Black, Wortham 4-H; Weston Duncan-Hagen, Dew 4-H; Nathan Winkler, Teague FFA.

Market Swine:

Lawson Allison, Teague FFA; Audrey Archibald, Fairfield 4-H; Tanner Bean, Wortham 4-H; Mason Beard, Freestone Community 4-H; Jarrett Bodine, Freestone Community 4-H; Aidan Brackens, Fairfield Jr. FFA; Haylee Bulger, Fairfield FFA; Emily Chavers, Fairfield 4-H; Brandon Craddick, Fairfield 4-H; Peyton Daniel, Fairfield 4-H; Garrett Dawson, Teague FFA; Wyatt Dodd, Fairfield FFA; Hayden Hale, Fairfield 4-H; Kealie House, Fairfield 4-H; Hank Johnson, Dew 4-H; Laura Knight, Freestone Community 4-H; Blake Looney, Wortham FFA; Junior Nunez, Fairfield FFA; Colby Olivarez, Teague FFA; Gabriel Ransom, Butler 4-H; Chandler Rogers, Teague Jr. FFA; A.J. Serrato, Butler 4-H; Mikaela Stamper, Fairfield FFA; Rachel White, Teague FFA; Logan Allison, Teague FFA; Kaeley Bean, Wortham 4-H; Malori Beard, Freestone Community 4-H; Megan Benner, Eagle Country 4-H; Myles Bonds, Fairfield FFA; Brighton Bulger, Fairfield Jr. FFA; Carson Carroll, Fairfield FFA; William Cook, Fairfield FFA; Eden Daniel, Fairfield 4-H; Tucker Davis, Fairfield FFA; Bailee Day, Teague FFA; Austin Hale Fairfield FFA; Hayley Harris Teague FFA; Tyler Hurst, Freestone Community 4-H; Konnor Key, Fairfield FFA; Layla Knight, Freestone Community 4-H; Lori Massey, Teague FFA; Seth O?Bannon, Fairfield FFA; Avery Peterson, Fairfield 4-H; Paige Posey, Fairfield FFA; Josey Richardson, Eagle Country 4-H; Cole Schick, Fairfield FFA; Brennan Sherber, Fairfield 4-H; Jailyn Tatum, Butler 4-H; Haley Dawn Wilson, Teague FFA.

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