The Real Thing

Well, my grandson is here to stay a few weeks with us again, you know, the one I made the ?Secret Box? for last summer.?I think he still uses it to put his secret things in. Now it?s summer time again and he?s here to spend part of his summer break with us. It?s always good to see the grand kids, you know. They keep us young, or at least remind us of how old we are. But then age is just a??state of?mind?, right? Right! Try telling that to my arthritis, weak knees, and corporal tunnel. I?ve never had any of this stuff till I reached my mid sixties! I don?t understand! But as they say, growing old ain?t for sissies.

?? Tomorrow I?ll guess he will want to ride his bike that we keep here for when he comes, only one of the pedals is broken. He can ride it like it is, but riding on a broken pedal isn?t good on the feet, nor is it conducive to bicycle speed nor stunts. I could make him one, you know. After all, I am a sort of master carpenter. Now, if I could just work that ?square? thingamajig, I think?I?d be all right. But I could make one. All it takes is a piece of two by four, about three inches long, and a hole drilled through the middle so I could fit it over the round metal peg that holds it to the bicycle. It might not look so cool, but I?ll bet your bottom dollar?it would work, at least until the make-shift pedal broke. Then again, maybe I?ll just break down and run over to Walmart?and buy him a ?for-real-genuine-bike-pedal?. Then he won?t have to worry about appearances.

?? With that, I?m am reminded of a man who was on vacation with his son. They were visiting a town that had restored its downtown to look like it used to years ago.?As the man and his son?entered into a toy store, there on the shelf was a red fire engine, just like the kind he had when he was a boy. It was made out of real metal. It had real, hard rubber wheels, a metal ladder on the top, and even a water hose made out of real rubber with metal hose fittings on the ends. ?Man, this is the real thing,? he thought. But when he turned it over, a little tag read, ?Made in Japan?! Now, I have nothing against things made in Japan, but for this to be the real thing,?it was nothing short of a ?real genuine fake?.

?? A lot of Christians are like this ?real red fire engine?. They substitute a lot of religious activities for what they call ?real-Christianity?, but nothing could be further from the truth. Paul gives us several definitions of what being a ?real? Christian is really like. He says in Philippians, ?For me to live, is Christ.? In other words, it takes Christ Jesus living in you to live His kind of life through you.?In Second Corinthians, he said ?we walk by faith?. This means we trust Jesus to guide?us in everything that we say or do. Even Jesus told his disciples in the Gospel of John that, ?without Me, you can do nothing,? which is not very much when you stop and think about it. And in the book of Acts, Jesus told his followers that if you really want to be like Me, then let the Holy Spirit fill you and empower you to live My kind of life. So you see, folks, it?s not us trying to copy His life style, nor even doing a whole?lot of nice things. It?s letting Jesus live His life in and through you to produce the real thing.

?? Don?t be a genuine fake. Be the real thing by letting Jesus into your heart as Savior and?by letting Him reign?in your?life?as Lord.

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