Livestock Sale Totals May Increase From $403,000

THE 1,275 POUND GRAND CHAMPION MARKET STEER at the 2014 Freestone County Fair Livestock Show was exhibited by Fairfield FFA member Michael Stamper. The Grand Champion Steer was the first animal sold at Saturday’s County Fair Sale and went to the high bidder of NIP Ranch (Ivy Phillips) for $10,000.

The unbelievable generosity was flowing once again at the 2014 Freestone County Fair Livestock Sale to support the youth of Freestone County. An unofficial amount of $403,000 was spent by livestock buyers, contributors and donors at the sale held Saturday morning, June 21st.

Each year there are always thousands of dollars added in donations and contributions. The buyers contributors and donors are to be commended on an amazing sale which shows the dedication of these fine citizens and businesses have for the youth in Freestone County. Totals have buyers spending $343,000 and donors contributing $60,000 so far.

The first 12 lots sold were all Grand and Reserve Champions.

The Grand Champion Steer, shown by Michael Stamper, sold to NIP Ranch Ivy Phillips for $10,000.00. The Reserve Champion Steer, shown by Lauren Adcock, was sold to Buffalo Livestock Marketing for $$7,000.00.

The Grand Champion Swine, shown by Chelsie Faughn, sold to CETA for $4,000.00. The Reserve Champion Swine, shown by Chloe Wilson was sold to Fire and Life Safety Consultants for $3,975.00

The Grand Champion Lamb, exhibited by Jaedyn Stapleton, sold to Salt Creek Ranch for $4,000.00 and the Reserve Champion Lamb, shown by Kade Collins, sold to All Star Ford for $3975.00.

The Grand Champion Goat was shown by Addison Stuver, was bought by XTO energy for $4,000.00. The Reserve Champion Goat, exhibited by Riley Simpson, was sold to APAC Asphalt for $2,100.00.

Grand Champion Broilers, shown by Larame Stapleton, sold to Fire and Life Safety Consultants for $$2,800.00. The Reserve Champion Broilers, exhibited by Bryceson Black, sold to Citizens State Bank for $2,775.00.

The Grand Champion Rabbit, shown by Bailey Jones sold to Salt Creek Ranch, for $2750,00. The Reserve Champion Rabbits, exhibited by Emily Walker, sold to Brookshire Brothers and Lions Club for a total of $2725.00.

The unofficial results from the sale, not including the previously mentioned Grand and Reserve Champion animals, have been released as follows and include the exhibitor, the buyer and the sale amount.

Market Steers

L0gan Todd, Winners Express, $5,750; Hallie Davidson, Business In Support of Youth, $5,000;Raegan Emmons, Business In Support of Youth, $4,750; Amanda Howard, Carl White Autoplex, $4,250; Caden Fryer, Winners Express, $5,500; Ryan Woodall, Carl White Autoplex, $4,000; Brooke Johnson, Salt Creek Ranch, $6,000; Justice Oates, Anadarko Petroleum, $5,750; Courtney Russell, XTO Energy, $4,750; Laney McAdams, Valence Operating, $4,750; Alexi Donohoo, Fire & Life Safety Consultants, $5,000; Cooper Blackwell, Capps True Value, $4,500; Raymie Emmons, Business In Support of Youth, $5,000; Morgan Jackson, Hickory Ridge Livestock, $5,000; Kendell Emmons, The Originals, $5,000; Unknown, Fire & Life Safety Consultants, $4,250; Preston Simpson, Carl White Autoplex, $3,750;Connor Jackson, Capps True Value, $3,500; Skylar Jordan, Marathon Oil Company, $3,750; Kourtnee Kirgan, Community National Bank, $4,000; Cody Gonzales, Buffalo Livestock Marketing, $4,250; Megan Holmes, Business In Support of Youth, $4,250; Cole Jendel, Buffalo Livestock Marketing, $4,000.

Market Swine

Avery Richmond, APAC Asphalt, $1,750; Calla Childres, Salt Creek Ranch, $2,750; Makenzie Awalt, Lone Star Chevrolet, $3,000; Preston O?Bannon, Brothers Meat Processing, $2,000; Cooper Casaubon, Anadarko Petroleum, $4,250; Brianne Faughn, Cothran Ag Services, $3,000; Zachary Martin, April Donohoo, $$2,750; Frankie Nelson, Aqua Transfer, $3950; Dani German, The Originals, $2,250; Dustin West, Buffalo Livestock Marketing, $3,950; Rachel Ramon, Athens Livestock, $3,500; Savannah Ellis, Nelson Propane, $2,750; Zak Harris, Teague Buyers Group #1, $2,500; Halen Daniel, Sam?s Restaurant, $3,950; Kaci Bachtel, Salt Creek Ranch, $3,950; Grant Hubbert, XTO Energy, $2,500; Chance Carroll, Enbridge, $2,000; Garrett Till, Teague Buyers Group #2, $2,500; Cam Adams, XTO Energy, $2,000; Jaylon Davis, Teague Buyers Group #3, $2,000; Warren Turner, Enbridge, $2,250; Rheagan Cotton, Business In Support of Youth, $2,750; Tate House, Carl White Autoplex, $2,750; Abby Teer, Nelson Propane, $2,500; Shiloh O?Bannon, Edward Jones/John Wilson, $666.66; Shiloh O?Bannon, Accessories Etc., $666.66; Shiloh O?Bannon, Good Neighbor Cleaners, $666.66; Kyle Kirgan, Citizens State Bank, $2,500; Kallie Brown, XTO Energy, $2,500; Aaron Guest, Teague Buyers Group #4, $1,750; Jeremy Wood, Salt Creek Ranch, $2,500; Kori Staggs, Aqua Transfer, $3,300; Jeffrey Watson, Harvest Management, $2,000; Evan Johnson, Primrose RV, $666.66;

Evan Johnson, Doug Brown, $666.66; Evan Johnson, Corey & Beth Hale/Don Kent Trucking, $666.66; Abbey Hurst, Anadarko Petroleum, $2,000.

Market Lamb

Bailee McKay, XTO Energy, $1,300; Maddi Isaacs, Permian Seperators, $2,000; Kayla Kimball, I-45 Wrecker Service, $3,950; Jaylee Jordan, Freestone Dodge, $3,950; Dylan Chandler, Cash Energy, $1,700; Kall Collins, Teague Buyers Group #1, $1,400; Kaitlin Villa, XTO Energy, $1,300; Isidora Rubio, Teague Buyers Group, $1,300; Mattey Mannen, Star J Lambs & Creekside, $2,900; Lilah Craig, Community National Bank, $2,800; Baria Bailon, XTO Energy, $1,100; Ben Whitaker, Business In Support of Youth, $1,400; Kai Collins, BC Oilfield, $1,200; Brazos Monico, Sam?s Restaurant, $3,950; Shelby LaFoy, The Originals, $1,500; Brandon Pingleton, CETA, $1,400; Rylee McKay, Salt Creek Ranch, $1,400; Savanna Thomas, Teague Buyers Group #3, $1,300.

Market Goat

Chelsea McQueen, Ed Smith Dozer Services, $1,300; Casey Bradley, Rutherford Tree Service, $1,100; Katy Webb, Permian Seperators, $2,075; John Lindsey, Incommons Bank, $2,000; Emily Thompson, Fire & Life Safety Consultants, $1,700; Monty Morgan, The Originals, $1,200; Mallorie Sims, XTO Energy, $1,600; Brooklyn Thompson, Business In Support of Youth, $1,400; Justin Morgan, The Originals, $1,400; Abby Knight, Long Industries, $1,400; Ellie Grissett, Business In Support of Youth, $1,500; Trent Rutherford, Ward Sign Company & Ward Ranch, $1,500; Cody McQueen, Fairfield Young Farmers; $1,200; Carson Black, Teague Buyers Group #4, $1,200; Myron Busby, 3W Ranch Supply, $$1,200; Lauren Knight, The Originals, $1,400; Madison Angle, the Lakeview Group, $2,000; Bailey Warren, I-45 Wrecker Service, $1,700; Raymie Long, Long Industries, $2,075; Byorn busby, 3W Ranch Supply, $1,200; Meaghan Peterson, April Donohoo, $1,600; Hanna Fisk, Rancho Empty Pockets, $1,500; Kolby Kennedy, Long Industries, #1,200; Tristan Thompson, Teague Buyers Group #3, $1,200; Katelin Bodine, CETA, $1,100; Mollie Sims, Rancho Volsa Bassas, $1,700; Jackson Black, Business In Support of Youth, $1,300; Baylei Morgan, Business In Support of Youth, $1,300.

Market Broiler

Daniel Hargis, Teague Buyers Group #2, $800; Dalton Dunnahoe, Randy Turner Services, $1,000; Curtis Persons, Teague Buyers Group #4, $800; Avi Grace Hughes, Bush?s Chicken, $2,000; Rylie Stimmel, Anadarko Petroleum, $2000; Chole Sifford, Jeff & Michelle Gonzales, $1,400; Colton Phillips, XTO Energy, $1,100; Carson Sifford, Salt Creek Ranch, $1,400.

Market Rabbit

Gary Wheeler, Nelson Propane, $1,400; Cole Chapman, XTO Energy, $800; Madison Thaler, CETA, $1,200; Elena Gallegos, Fairfield Young Farmers, $1,000; Caitlynn tone, Salt Creek Ranch, $2,700; Madelyn Tharp Hometown Realty Groesbeck, $2,000; Erica Walker, CETA, $1,700; Katlin Keaton, Teague Buyers Group #1, $1,400.

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