Take A Stand And Fight

Have you ever faced a bully? You know, he?s the guy that, because of his stature or strength, makes you do what you don?t want to do, that is, until you finally face him and ?cut him down to size,"so to speak.?

?Do you remember the Andy Griffith show in which Opie had to pay a bully his milk money every day or face the bully?s ?five fingered? wrath? He couldn?t even make it to school without coming face to face with?his bully. When Sheriff Andy Taylor, Opie?s father, finds out about it, he takes Opie fishing and tells him about the day that he, himself, had to face a bully who?had kept him from fishing his favorite fishing hole, until the day he decided to put that bully in his place. Opie asks him how he did it and he told his son that he ?lit into?him like a??windmill in a tornado?. This meant that?Opie?had to stand and fight his adversary. When Opie asked his Paw if it hurt, he told him, ?Naw, and that he just laughed?. To make a long story short, after Opie had gained his courage, he faced his bully like a ?windmill in a tornado?! Even though Opie showed up at his dad?s office with a black eye and torn clothes, he had won his battle and never again had to pay milk-money to?that bully.

?? Well, you and I have a bully that we face just about every day who does more than just take our ?milk money?, he takes our joy and our sincere desire to follow the Lord like we really want to, which means that we often live in defeat instead of the victory that Jesus promises us. Peter tells us in?his first letter,?the fifth chapter, that we have to be on our watch, because our ?adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour?. And in John?s gospel,?the tenth chapter, Jesus calls the devil a ?thief who comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.? And that is the truth. As a child of God, Satan hates us with every ounce of his fiber, and he tries his darndest to destroy us any way he can, and you know what I?m talking about! It seems like everyday we have to get up, ready to go to battle.

?? There was an old cleaning lady who was also a very godly woman with a strong testimony. One day someone asked her how she defeated the devil when he comes to attack her. The answer she gave was this, ?When that old devil comes knocking on my door, I just let Jesus answer it and that is that!?

?? Let me tell you how to defeat Satan?s attacks on your life. If you will turn to Paul?s letter to the Ephesians, the sixth chapter, you will find him talking about ?putting on the armor of God? in verses fourteen through eighteen. In verse thirteen, he makes this very important statement: ?Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day (the day of temptation), and having done all, to stand.? That ?having done all?, refers to putting on all the armor that the Holy Spirit has provided for you, and once you?re fully equipped, then you have the power to defeat your enemy. But you have to put on all the pieces of the armor, and not leave any piece off. You wouldn?t see a football player come out without his pads and helmet, would you? Nor would you see a baseball player without his bat, or a golfer without his clubs. Neither can we defeat our enemy without wearing all the pieces of the armor. With just one piece missing, we?re a goner. So, the next time that old devil comes knocking on your door, make sure you have all your armor on, then you can tear into him like a ?windmill in a tornado? and let him know who?s really the boss!

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