Teague High School Homecoming Will Be September 19 This Year

The Teague High School Alumni Association officers are busy preparing for the next homecoming, which has been set for September 19, 2014.

Exes may go to the web page ?Teague High School Alumni Association? on Facebook to find information on the upcoming event and find forms for updating physical addresses and for submitting email addresses. The officers would like to encourage all ex-students to submit their email addresses so that registration forms can be sent by email, saving the association on mailing costs. Exes may also contact the association by mail at P.O. Box 2343, Teague, TX 75860.

Preparations are also underway for the homecoming parade. The theme of this year?s parade is ?Texas Traditions.?

Anyone willing to help out with the preparations or to serve on a committee is urged to leave a message on the Facebook page or to contact Jessica Corley at 254-625-0925.

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