Horror Movie Being Filmed In Tehuacana

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A new horror movie sequel is being made in Tehuacana at the Trinity Institute, also known as Westminster College. The Institute is also where the first movie ?Don?t Look in the Basement? was filmed in 1973.

The little community is buzzing with activity these days with the streets full of cars, production trucks and vans that bring the director, cameramen, actors and technical people to do their jobs. There are approximately 40 cast and crew members, most from the Dallas area.

Anthony ?Tony? Brownrigg is the director of the sequel and is the son of the director that headed the original movie, S.F. Brownrigg.

?The original ?Don?t Look in the Attic? was seen at the drive-in movies and has now become a cult classic with a large following,? said Tony Brownrigg. ?Dad wasn?t able to make a sequel before he passed, but he talked about it for years, so we?ve been spending years trying to get it put together.?

The group began shooting on Monday March 31st and is scheduled to be on the Tehuacana set for three weeks. Tony knows that people would like to come and watch the filming however most of the scenes are filmed inside and would be impossible to allow fans inside. The movie is called ?Id: Don?t Look in the Basement Part 2,? and should be out by the end of the year.

Brownrigg co-wrote the sequel?s script with Megan Emrick, who is also an actor in the production. They also used some of the notes that his father had made wanting to make the sequel. Some of the cast members are Frank Mosley, Arianne Margot, Andrew Sensenig, Willy Minor, Frederic Doss, Jim O?Rear and Scott Tepperman.

In the original film, most of the cast dies. Two characters, Sam and the nurse are the only ones who live. The new movie starts with the Sam 40 years later when he is much older so we are continuing his life story as a survivor. We find out what happens to him during all the years later. ?It?s more of a supernatural thriller than a horror movie,? said Brownrigg. Suddenly his voice quivered with emotion. ?It?s a very personal experience for me,? he said. ?I know Dad is watching from wherever he is, and making sure I do everything right and don?t try to compete with him,? and he smiled.

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