World Class Shooters Arriving

For Regional and North American Championships

Up to 1,000 people are expected to begin filtering into town this week as Caney Creek Lodge and Shooting Sports hosts the 2014 South Central NSCA Regional Championship and North American FITSCA Championship March 19th ? 23rd.

?This is a major league event in sporting clays and hopefully is just the beginning of many world class shooting events to come to Caney Creek Lodge,? said owner Justin Bounds, who added that he expects between 500 ? 600 regulation shooters to participate in the events. Add their spouses and children to that number and well over 1,000 people will be in Freestone County.

Bounds says that many people are unfamiliar with sporting clays shoots but it?s the fastest growing shooting sport in the world and the best way to describe it is that it?s golf with a shotgun. With skeet, the shooter stays in one place and targets all look the same. It?s the same with trap, you shoot from one position and all the targets all look the same. But in sporting clays, the shooters move from station to station - each presenting different shooting scenarios and challenges. Each course usually has 12 ? 15 different stations and each course is different because there is always different terrain.

The portable pitching machines on the course are hidden and throw different hunting situations, and the shooters don?t know where they are or when they are coming. The machines can be adjusted to allow for different speeds, angles, elevations, distances, trajectories and target sizes ? all designed to simulate the traits of game animals and birds.

Things are a little different for shooters participating in the FITASC Championship, which will be held in conjunction with the South Central Regional Sporting Clays Championship at the lodge. It?s different because the shooter has to keep his gun below his chest until both he and the umpire see the target.

Bounds said that their long-term goals are to be hosting similar size shoots at least once a year.

The public is welcome to come out to Caney Creek Lodge during the events this week and see some of the best shooters in the world compete against each other.

Caney Creek Shooting Sports is open to the public seven days a week and people who come to shoot get quite an experience for not a lot of money.

Caney Creek Lodge has been in the Bounds family since 1849 and sits on 500 serene acres just north of Teague.

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