Myers Joins Team at Citizens State Bank

BRETT MYERS has returned to banking at Citizens State Bank, in Teague, after a short sabbatical when he was Business Manager for 3-W Ranch Supply. He has been hired as Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer for the bank.

Teague is welcoming Brett Myers back into the banking business with his new position as Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer at Citizens State Bank, in Teague.

Brett started working at Citizens National Bank, in Teague, for Jim Lawrence when he graduated from Texas A&M in December of 1993.?I thought I would be there for four or five years or so and get some experience but it turned into 16 years, said Myers.

Four years ago Citizens National Bank underwent some changes and the bank changed hands several times before becoming Prosperity Bank. About that time Brandon Whitaker came and asked Brett if he would come and work as the business manager for the three businesses under the 3-W name. Brett said, ?I was ready for a change and decided to take the job. It was a good job and I enjoyed looking at the financial aspect of business from the other side. I think this will make me a better loan officer.?

Brett Meyers is engaged to Andee Vance of Teague and they have Brett?s daughters Grayson, age 13 who attends Teague Junior High School in the 7th grade, Gabby who is nine and is in 4th grade at Teague Intermediate School and Andee?s son Lane, 11 years old, who is in 6th grade at Teague Junior High School.

Assistant Vice President, Brett Meyers began his first day with Citizens State Bank on February 18, 2014. ?I hope I can pick up where I left off serving my former customers and making new ones, said Meyers. ?I love getting back to working with people and helping them however we can.?

His favorite part of the job is to work with the people and keep active in his community. Brett is secretary for the Teague Rodeo Association and plays a major role in The Teague Buyers Group. He is a deacon at First Baptist Church in Teague and is a member of the Teague ISD School Board.

Vice President Sherrie Noland commented, ?We are looking forward to having Brett at Citizens State Bank.? Citizens State Bank has been open in Teague since September of 2010.

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