Winter Weather Returns To Area

NELDA BARGER CHILDS was the $5,000 winner at the Operation Graduation Steak Dinner fundraiser held at Teague High School on Saturday, March 1, 2014. The community purchased 200 tickets for the event and this year approximately $17,000.00 has been raised to make graduation night very special for Lion graduates.

Freestone County and much of the state began to thaw out Tuesday morning from the latest round of arctic weather, which hit the area with heavy rainfall and then sleet beginning around noon on Sunday, March 2nd.

The temperature began to dip Sunday morning as the cold front began to move into the area. The high on Sunday was in the low 40?s and was recorded Sunday morning before the cold front arrived. By lunchtime, the temperature began to drop into the 20?s and the rain began turning into sleet. Standing water from the rain froze over causing trouble for motorists trying to navigate the slick roads. The National Weather Service reported several instances of ?thundersleet? in the area Sunday afternoon.

The icy conditions caused area schools to observe a bad weather day on Monday. Thankfully no serious injuries from weather related accidents were reported. A number of vehicles slid off area roads leaving tracks behind if not the vehicle itself. Reports called for a possible new wave of sleet late Monday night (early Tuesday morning) but it did not materialize in the immediate area.

Hard freezes were recorded both Sunday and Monday nights, with wind chill temperatures reaching close to zero. Temperatures were expected to reach the mid 40?s Tuesday afternoon and steadily increase the rest of the week.

Travelers on Interstate 45 around Corsicana were not as lucky Sunday with the hazardous driving conditions causing multiple accidents and stranding travelers on the road for hours.

The weather caused the Texas Department of Transportation to advise drivers to stay off the roads as much as possible. TXDOT crews were out treated bridges, overpasses and shaded areas to help motorist improve traction.

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