Boyd Cup Nominations Sought

The past recipients of the Boyd Cup Award are seeking nominations to receive the award this year. Last year the award was not given.

The past recipients will have a breakfast meeting on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at The Grille for the purpose of selecting a recipient for the award for the 2013 year. Nominations may be given to any past recipient of the award or emailed to Brian Bowers , Boyd Cup Chairperson, at bowersfuneralhome@sbcglobal.net, no later than Friday, March 7, 2014.

Below is a list of qualifications and what information is needed to nominate someone for the award:


1.????? The nominee is known to be of good character and upholds a high moral standard.

2.????? The nominee is actively engaged in or retired from a recognized business or profession in which he/she has exhibited leadership and ethical standards.

3.????? The nominee has unselfishly given of his/her time and talent for the betterment of the community as demonstrated through involvement over time in more than one of the following:

a)????? Played an active role in a community project.

b)????? Held membership in a recognized service or fraternal organization.

c)????? Held a volunteer, (unpaid), elective office in local, county, state, or national level.

d)????? Held an active or auxiliary membership in a volunteer public service agency such as the fire department, police department, or emergency medical service.

e)????? Served the community by assisting or leading in a recognized organization such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA, FHA, Little League Sports, Band/Athletic Boosters, Historical Society, Meals on Wheels, Etc.

f)??????? Played an active role in his/her religious affiliation.

4.????? The nominee shall have been a resident of the community for a minimum of ten years.

5.????? ?Resident of the community? is defined as residence within the Teague Independent School District.


Nomination Process:

??????????? Any person may be nominated by any member of the community so long as the nomination is presented to a former Boyd Cup recipient. The nomination in writing must include biographical data, a list of accomplishments, and evidence of community service. Nominations must be received in advance of the annual meeting of former Boyd Cup recipients, (date and time of the meeting will appear in the Teague Chronicle each year).


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