"Buddy" Curry's Roots Run Deep In Freestone County

and Teague

R.C. “Buddy” Curry

?By Mimi Brown?

When we talk of the pioneer families who first settled Brewer?s Prairie, the family of Teague resident R.C. ?Buddy? Curry was one of the prominent settlers. Noah Curry and Mattie Driver Curry settled on their ranch at the Pyburn Community in the early 1870s. Richmond Carroll Curry was one of their children. He grew up on the ranch and married Ora Glanton Curry of Brewers Prairie. Their child, Richmond Carroll Curry, Jr. was born on his grandfather?s ranch and grew up in Teague.

Buddy Curry recalls growing up with E.E. ?Heavy? West and Billy Wills. ?We used to get in trouble at least twice a day,? said Curry. ?Heavy and I used to sleep out in the yard.? ?One time Heavy was riding me on his bicycle. We were both barefoot and I got my foot caught in the spokes of the wheel. Well, It kind of chewed my foot up and Heavy?s mother was doctoring my wounds and Heavy was crying his eyes out. His mom said not to worry that my foot was going to be alright and Heavy said, ?I don?t care a bit about his foot, look at my bike wheel.?

Buddy was also pretty good at getting into trouble all by himself. ?One time my mother bought me new shoes and while playing I took them off and lost them. On my way home a neighbor woman asked why I was barefoot and I didn?t want to tell her that I had lost my shoes, so I told her that we were so poor my folks couldn?t afford shoes. Well, the woman took me and bought me some new shoes. Oh gosh, my mother was really mad about that one!? said Curry.

Somehow he managed to grown up. He attended Teague High School before joining the United States Army. It was in 1945 and he was stationed with the Occupied Forces in Korea. World War II ended 16 months after During his time in the service, Curry completed his high school education and was awarded a diploma from Teague High School.

While in the Army Mr. Curry was with the Military Police in Japan and Korea for one year. The Air Force split away from the Army following the war and Curry signed up with the Air Force. He worked as an aircraft mechanic and was a Crew Chief for 10 years. He then became a Flight Engineer for the KC97, an in flight refueler. Curry was in charge of the panel, which did the entire refueling process. After the pilot put the aircraft in place, the rest was left to Curry.

In May of 1960 he was honorably discharged a the rank of Master Sergeant.

After leaving military service, Mr. Curry worked for six years in the Engineering Department at Dow Chemical in Freeport, Texas. He is an accomplished painter and drywall contractor and worked in that field for many years also.

On August 12, 1949, R.C. Curry married Betty Jane Isham. The couple had three children: Cathy Curry Itchue of Teague, the late R.C. Curry III and wife Janice of Trinity, Texas and Cindy Curry Smith and husband Michael of Teague. There are 15 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren. Mrs. Curry passed away on April 9, 2003. Mr. Curry is a member of the New Life Assembly of God in Fairfield.

Mr. Curry retired from Dow Chemical and had a radiator shop for many years at his old home place in Teague but decided to retire from the radiator business. ?When my father-in-law lived here he repaired small engine equipment and I still had the tools and set up that he used,? said Curry so on April 1, 2006 he opened a small engine repair shop.

Buddy Curry had a heart attack in 2008 and had to retire from the small engine business and is now retired. ?All I do now is drink coffee,? he said with a smile.

R.C. ?Buddy? Curry and his family are some of the first families to add to the fabric that made the City of Teague such a great place to live.

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