Motorist Robbed at Gunpoint

A local man came close to being shot last Friday morning as two thieves demanded money from him as he came to a stop in his vehicle at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Spruce Street in Teague.

The Teague Police Department is currently searching for the two thieves, both who were injured by the driver of the truck when he fought back using a screwdriver to drive the men away. According to Teague Chief of Police Dennis Cox, the two thieves approached the vehicle on foot as it pulled up to a stop sign. Cox said one man brandished a firearm and approached the driver?s side while the other man went to the passenger side of the truck and demanded money from the driver.

Chief Cox said as the truck driver went to get his wallet laying beside him in the seat, he picked up a screwdriver and stabbed the subject on the driver?s side twice in the arm. As he stabbed the man, the gun discharged in the window going behind the driver of the truck, who then turned to the suspect reaching in from the passenger?s side and stabbed him once in the hand. The suspect did manage to get an undisclosed amount of money from the driver?s wallet, before both men ran off in a westward direction.

Once upon the scene, the Teague PD had the THDEMS come and checkout the driver as a precautionary measure, noted Chief Cox, who added that he did receive some slight powder burns on his shoulder from the firearm being discharged.

Officers from the Freestone County Sheriff?s Department and Department of Public Safety assisted the Teague PD in looking for the two subjects.

The two men being sought in the robbery are both white, according to Chief Cox, who added the thief who was stabbed twice was believed to be about 5? 11? inches tall with brownish hair and a beard. He was wearing a grey jacket. The second man was described as 6? 1? tall with blond hair and wearing some type of a military jacket.

Anyone with information about the two men being sought are asked to please contact the Teague Police Department, where the case is currently under investigation.

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