Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Every time I travel some distance, especially if I don?t know where I?m going, which is more often the case than I want to admit, I get out my trusty computer and pull up Map Quest and plug in my starting and ending addresses, and within a matter of seconds, I have my map all laid out for me, both in word and in illustrated map. I?d use my Garman that my Sweetie gave me for Christmas two years ago, except that it?s out of date. It doesn?t even have where my youngest and her family lives! What good is a program like that? Of course, I still have my State map of Texas that I purchased at a ?filling-station? (remember those?) a few hundred moons ago. In spite of the fact that it?s quite well worn and coming apart at the seams, it?s still a good thing to have around. Why, I pulled it out last week just to know how to spell ?Normangee?! I even still have my ?Webster?s New World Dictionary? that I got in high school, that I rely on to get a right spelling, so don?t throw your old stuff away just because it?s old. There?s still a lot of miles left in those ancient relics!

?? But what about your spiritual destiny? Have you thought about where you?re going to spend eternity? The Bible tells us that ?it is appointed once for a man to die, and then after that,?the judgment.? (Hebrews 9:27) I must tell you that I was quite happily surprised when I heard one of the members of the news show, ?The Five?, say on Fox News that he had rather be sure where he was going to spend eternity than to come to, what he called ?the black wall?, and wonder where he would go?on the other side. And this came from the only Democrat on the panel! Gee, I didn?t know Democrats even thought about such things? Just kidding. I know there will be a lot of Democrats as well as Independents in Heaven, along with a few?Republicans (just kidding, again). It?s just that, in the?same vein?of a famous Democrat?western comedian, one Mr. Will Rogers to be sure, I just didn?t know there would be that many! (Please, no letters.)

?? But what about your spiritual destiny? Do you know for sure where you will spend yours? The Bible teaches that there is a Heaven and there is a Hell. One, you want to go to, but the other, I assure you, not even the demons of Satan?s kingdom want to go there! I read the story of a Baptist minister who was thought to be dead as a result of him being scrunched up in the back seat of his Volkswagen ?bug? due to a traffic?accident,?that had one of those heavenly experiences we often hear about. When he entered?Heaven?s Gates, he said that the colors, the sights, the smells and sounds, were so wonderful that they were more vibrant and more spectacular than anything he had ever seen here on this earth. He later said that Heaven was more real than anything we?can touch, feel, and hear, or smell,?here in this life. I also read the story of another minister who experienced the horrors of hell. He said he was met by nine-foot tall creatures that had the bodies of men but?they had?faces with beaks, who literally tore his heart from his chest! He said the pain was so great that he wanted to crawl into the lake of fire, hoping to be made extinct. But he couldn?t. And on top of that, he saw many who were in?torment in that burning lake! This horrible experience happened one night as he was walking?from his bedroom to?his kitchen. His experience was so real that he cried out for God to help him and pull him from that terrible pit! His wife heard him and ran to his side and also prayed for God?s help. When he finally found himself back on his living room floor, he?cried out,?God! I?m one of your preachers! I tell people about your love. Why did you let me experience that?? Do you know what God told him? He said, ?Because I want you to warn my people and tell them how horrible hell is.?

?? Wow! Now, he shares that God took away?the remembrance of the pain of that experience, but he let him keep the remembrance of the experience itself, just to warn those who may be headed that direction.

?? Listen, folks. I know some of this is pretty gruesome and?that?this is not?exactly what you would call a happy new year?s thought, but as you and I start out on this Highway that I aptly called, ?Highway 2014?, last week, we each have an eternity to spend, and my wish and my desire and my greatest hope is that you and yours will spend it with me in God?s Kingdom. Did you know that Jesus spoke more about hell than He did heaven? If He thought it important to let us know about our choice of eternities, don?t you think we ought to?tell others?the same? The best scripture advice I could give you is probably the promise from God that you and I learned as children, long time ago: ?For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.? (John 3:16). Where will you spend your eternity?

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