Site Developer Offers Helping Hand To Crafters

STUDIO ART CLASSES at Teague High School are for the advanced artist. The students in the photograph are working diligently to keep up with the fast paced, advanced curriculum of this special class. Students must build their own frames for their paintings, come up with their own ideas for the paintings, and make them look as realistic as possible. The oil paintings are large and take the students almost nine weeks to complete. They also have a semester project of recycling an old book into a piece of art. This can be a challenge. Students participating in this class are Hannah Anderson, Caitlyn Collins, Caren Diaz, Hannah Dimiceli, Samuel Palacios, Alexa Perez, Emily Snyder and Angie Wheeland.

Linda Oberle of Teague initiated the development of HelpingHandCrafts.com, a brand new online marketplace of handcrafts created by common people with uncommon skill. ?It was inspired in part by my desire to help skilled crafters and artists that have limited resources. A lot of people these days are in critical financial situations; HelpingHandCrafts.com provides revenue potential and is a very inexpensive way for crafters of quality items?whether large and small?to supplement income. Charity organizations can also use the site for fundraising,? stated Oberle.

?Crafters, the sole purpose of HelpingHandCrafts.com is to display your products to people in your area and to the world,? Oberle explained, ?so feel free to pretend it?s your website. The great thing about it is that you don?t have to purchase a domain name or pay other costs that are typically associated with owning a website. A computer and internet access is all that?s needed. No technical knowledge is required either. It is easy to upload photos and enter product descriptions to the HHC account management system. If you are able to upload photos to sites such as Facebook and are able to type product descriptions, you?ll find using HelpingHandCrafts.com is very simple and user-friendly.?

Almost anything handmade can be posted on HelpingHandCrafts.com for the public to browse and buy, including picnic tables, barbecue pits, metal art, jewelry, picture frames, custom puzzles, wind chimes, candles, animal bedding, dog houses, cat climbing posts, soaps, wallets, purses, indoor and outdoor furniture, quilts, crochet and knit items, etc. Subscribers can also advertise ?Taking Custom Orders.?

From now until December 1, the website is available only to crafters--not shoppers--since this marketplace is in the process of being set up with products. Artists, craftsmen and hobbyists have the opportunity to subscribe to the HelpingHandCrafts.com website for just $45 the first year if the subscription is paid by November 30. A subscription allows the ability to upload 10 photos of products and descriptions to the HHC website. ?Products can be changed as often as desired, or make no changes at all to your initially posted products. If you?re too busy to mess with frequent product postings, you can simply post your favorite craft items then leave the photos and descriptions in place and wait for customers to contact you about a purchase,? said Oberle.

The money made from each sale goes directly from the buyer to the craftsperson. There?s no middle man and no commission to pay. Remember, it is as if HHC is your website. You choose your own way of receiving payments. For example, use your own PayPal account, and/or accept checks or money orders through the mail, and/or cash in hand upon product pickup from your location.

A FREE HelpingHandCrafts.com sales generic flyer will be provided to subscribers, which can be distributed in your area to help generate sales. If you?d like a professional, custom made flyer created especially for you displaying only your products, send an email to feedback@helpinghandcrafts.com to receive a quote to have a flyer created in pdf format. The custom flyer will be emailed to you so you can print and distribute them in your area of the world.

Beginning December 1, site shoppers can browse the products made by all crafters, such as you would at Amazon.com or any other ecommerce site. Also, site visitors can type the craft person?s name in the Search Bar in order to see all the products made by that particular crafter. If you want to give potential local customers the ability to find your craft items, they will need to know your name, what products you sell, and how to find your crafts on the site. Inexpensive but professional quality business cards with the HelpingHandCrafts.com logo are available for custom order. Get 250 for $30 or 500 for $35 (plus tax)... shipping is included! Of course, these business cards are totally optional.

Organizations and ministries that exist to help others are encouraged to email feedback@helpinghandcrafts.com for information about how to get a FREE link on the HelpingHandCrafts.com website to benefit those who have a heart for what your organization works to accomplish.

?Are you a crafter that doesn?t own a computer?? Oberle asks. ?Visit your local library and send an email to feedback@helpinghandcrafts.com to let me know of your interest but lack of a computer and/or internet. We might be able to arrange to have someone post your products to the HHC website for you; however, there will be a fee for this extra service. The cost depends on several variables including your location, so email to ask for a quote.?

*Please note:

--Crafters should sell high quality products and provide exceptional service since the website allows customer comments to be posted and viewed by shoppers.

--No food or beverages (nothing to be ingested) can be sold on HelpingHandCrafts.com.

--For easy and convenient shipping of products, you are encouraged to consider the United States Postal Service Priority Mail flat rate envelopes and box sizes when planning your product stock sizes. Visit www.prioritymail.com for more information.

--Don?t want to mess with shipping, or are some of your products too large to mail? People in your area will likely be willing to come take delivery of your product at whatever location you note in your account details.

--Anything resembling immoral or unhealthy content is not allowed. An account posting such content will be removed without explanation nor refund.

HelpingHandCrafts.com is a division of Printing for Him, a printing design service established in 1991, and provider of website applications.

Skilled crafters are invited to visit HelpingHandCrafts.com today and sign up to display your quality products to consumers?both local and worldwide!

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