Hicks, Stricklin Waved To The Kennedy’s

As Motorcade Passed By 50 Years Ago

BOBBIE HICKS holds a photo of President Kennedy’s motorcade as it came down Main Street where she and her aunt, Pam Stricklin went to watch the president and Mrs. Kennedy pass by. Within two or three minutes after passing the two girls the presidents car entered Dealey Plaza where Kennedy was assassinated.

Do you remember where you were when President John F. Kennedy was shot? Most people can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing, but two Teague ladies could never forget because they had just waved at the President and Mrs. Kennedy two or three minutes prior to his murder in Dealey Plaza.

Bobbie Hicks and her aunt, Pam Stricklin, had graduated from Teague High School in 1963 and were looking for work. Their cousin, Phillip Morris (THS 1960) was living and working in Dallas at the time and told them that they could stay with he and his wife while they looked for work if they wanted to come to Dallas.

The girls were excited to move to the big city and quickly moved to Dallas and began looking for employment. They soon found a job typing invoices for Continental EMSCO, an oil well equipment supply company, in downtown Dallas. ?All the girls that typed invoices were together in one big room and all day we tried to figure out the salesmen?s scribbles and type the invoices,? said Bobbie. ?We were young and not paying much attention to politics, but a co-worker came in and said the that President and Mrs. Kennedy were coming down Main Street.?

Bobbie and Pam went outside, wiggled their way to the front of the crowd and waited. Soon the motorcade came past and the girls waved as the Kennedys and Connallys sped by.

President Kennedy was offered a bulletproof dome that would fit over the top of the open car, but he refused wanting to feel closer to the people.

After the president?s car passed Bobbie and Pam went back into the building to go to work. They weren?t even back to their office when they began to hear sirens. Bobbie said, ? We were standing alone in the office when a co-worker came in and said the president had been shot. ?We had just seen him and waved to him. We told her that was a very bad joke so we turned on the radio and heard the bad news for ourselves. Everything moved in slow motion after that. Everyone that I saw was in shock,? said Bobbie.

At that moment Dallas shut down.

The next weekend the girls came home to Teague and that was where they found out Oswald had been shot. ?It was quite an experience for two young girls from Teague, Texas.?

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