State Rep. Byron Cook Files For Reelection

State Representative Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) formally filed for reelection last Saturday with the Republican Party of Texas in Austin. The primary election date is Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

Cook represents Anderson, Freestone, Hill and Navarro Counties in Texas House District 8. An active businessman and rancher, Cook and his wife, Kay, live in Corsicana. They have two adult daughters, the youngest is a student at Texas A&M and their oldest daughter is married with two children.

?My approach to serving in the state legislature is straightforward,? said Cook. ?Before I vote on each issue, I ask myself, how will it affect families and communities in rural Texas??

In the legislature, Cook serves as Chairman of the Texas House State Affairs Committee and as a member of the Texas House Calendars Committee. Cook is also a member of the Texas House Republican Caucus.

Water and education were two of Cook?s top issues this past session. On water, he was an active leader in helping craft, and pass, our state?s new long-term water infrastructure plan. In this week?s State Constitutional Amendment election, the measure, Proposition 6, received 73% support statewide, and 74% across the four counties in Texas House District 8. ?Using excess money from our state?s Economic Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund) to ensure we build the infrastructure necessary for our future supply of water is a conservative solution to a very real problem.?

On education, Cook was a leader in helping restore $5.6 billion in public school funding, passing reforms which eliminated ?high-stakes testing,? and with fully funding the state?s Teacher Retirement System.

Cook is also a critic of the Affordable Care Act. ?Obamacare is an expensive train wreck. It needs to be repealed and in its place, we need a Texas solution to our state?s unique healthcare needs. Most importantly, patients need to be cared for by their doctors, not by bureaucrats.?

Concluding his 2014 primary candidate filing statement, Cook added, ?I am proud that the Texas Legislature continues to offer a sharp contrast to Washington politics. We cut taxes, balanced our state budget, and passed significant conservative reforms including increased state border security, drug testing for state unemployment benefits, pro life reforms, and measures which strengthened our second amendment gun owner rights. Less government and responsive government is how we get things done in Texas.?

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